“Public protection”

   The use of surveillance cameras have become commonly used and it has affected our lifestyles. They can been seen very often in shops,schools,banks,hotels and even in private houses.

   Nevertheless,the use of cameras in today’s society has lead to a lot of people’s concerns. Most people do not feel comfortamble with cameras around them just because every move they do is monitored. Another reason is their privacy which is violated. For instance employees may feel like they are not trusted or reliable which is not good for a workplace.

   On the opposite side,people believe that surveillance cameras are nessecary and important for their safety. Without a doubt they protect the public by criminal activity. By doing this robberies are reduced and create a safe environment too. Clearly people feel safer knowing they are protected.

   As a final point, I would agree that surveillance cameras offer a sense of protection and is well worth some sacrifice of privacy in public places.

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