Procrastination has a deep meaning. Is the explanation of delaying doing things for one reason or another, which is really negatively. For example, as the writer says: 140 million hours humanity spans watching YouTube, we could have built four more pyramids as Giza. That was a really specific example showing the inactivity of humans. There are plenty of people who are bored with the idea of finishing or starting a new project, work or something else. Another factor that creates the procrastination, is to have a tech device like laptop. These new technological improvements are effecting people to stop working or thinking. As a result, they can escape from the guilts. As the internet is getting better and better and new apps created the more temptations are creating. For example, if a person wants five minutes to relax he thinks of surfing on the internet. But the five minutes becomes hours and the day end without any improvement. Endless I want to complete with my opinion. Personally, procrastination has a really negatively affect in my life. I am scared of reading new vocabulary and opening my companion. So I let it and the pages become units. So I want to get a new start that is why I am trying to read more.

Rania N.

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