Nowadays, popularity is a well-known issue in schools. Teens try to be popular without thinking of the benefits and the drawbacks that it will have on themselves.

On the one hand, being popular has some advantages. Firstly, you feel more positive as a person. For example, when a teen is popular they listen to good comments about them so they feel happier. Secondly, you have bigger friendship circles. For instance, all the teens know you and as a result, everyone wants to be your friend. Furthermore, you develop your confidence and you make yourselves feel better.

From a crooked angle, popularity also has some disadvantages. First of all, you lose the meaning of close friendships. For instance, for the one point, all the teens know you but you do not have some actual friends to stand by you in a difficult moment. Also, with the idea you want to be like others, you may do things just to show you are cool with the result you might start some bad habits like smoking or drugs.

To conclude, having a big name in school is not necessarily negative. Popularity has benefits and drawbacks and you should learn when is the time to stop trying to be popular before you do something bad to yourselves.

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