Piano or Saxophone??

My favourite musical instruments are the piano and the saxpophone. I like the saxophone because I think it is an easy musical intrument to play and I like the piano because I practise my fingers. When I grow up I want to be a Music teacher or a Maths teacher. I started learning how to play the piano at the age of nine and I love it. I believe that I will get a degree if I continue. I got hooked on the saxophone this year and I love it, too. I love the sound it makes and I think it is my style. I like classical music, jazz and pop. I play classical music on my piano and jazz and pop on my saxophone. I prefer the saxophone a little bit more because it is easier to carry around. What do you think? A saxophone or a piano?

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  • This is a dilemma..!! A piano or a saxophone?? Enjoy both Dimitri mou !! You have the talent ❤️

  • Great blog post Dimitri!!! Enjoy playing these musical instruments whether or not you have the talent!!!

      • You’re welcome!!! I haven’t personally tried to play these musical instruments(because I don’t like playing musical instruments)but I prefer the piano because it has a soft voice!!!

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