Peter’s adventure

As soon as Peter reached the hotel,he knew something was wrong. The receptionist was surprised that he saw him. He had arrived at Paris this morning.

When he got out of the airport he noticed that someone was following him. He went to a restaurant for lunch. After,he went on the hotel. The receptionist saw him and he didn’t believe in his eyes. He was the same person that called and said that he was in New York before two hours. He said that he didn’t go to the hotel and give the room to someone else.

The receptionist said all that to Peter. When Peter heard all of that he can’t believe him. He was in the airport before two hours. He arrived to Paris from Egypt. He never has been to New York.  Someone said that was Peter and Peter didn’t know who he was. The police came to the hotel after a call of Peter. The number that called before two hours was a family friend that wanted to prank him. The family friend was the person that was following him. He asked Peter to forgive him. Peter forgive him and they went for a walk together.

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