Outdoor activities for children.


In the past, children used to play outside and do activities more than today. They were founding ways to play outdoor games instead of being at home. Nowadays, children do not enjoy the benefits of outdoor play because sometimes they can not participate in it or they are not knowing how beneficial are outdoor activities for them.

In my opinion, there are so many benefits of outdoor play for children and the parents should know it. First of all, one of the most important is that outdoor play helps and supports children’s creativity and their social skills because the children try to find a way to create new activities and of course to interact and make new friendships with other kids. Secondly, I believe that outdoor activity helps the children to be more physically active and to break out of their powers. As a result, the kids would feel better day by day, more focused, and calm.

Moreover, in modern life, children have little access to outdoor activities for many reasons. One of them is that parents feel anxious to let their children outside without being there like the past and moreover there is a fear of the risks. As well, nowadays modern children learn to pass their free time in other ways. For example, they prefer to watch television or surf the internet instead of going out because it is their daily routine. So, the impact of technology is huge and parents should set limits.

To sum up, outdoor play can be only beneficial for children when there is safety from parents. The children will feel more confident for themselves, they will be more focused and they will interact with other kids, as a result, to create new friends and for sure to practice their social skills.

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