Our special Christmas day!!

In our country, there are many festivals and events we celebrate every year. The celebration of those events and festivals are important to preserve cultural identity. There is an event that is different than the others and is more special and we all know it as Christmas.

Christmas is an event we celebrate every year on the 25 of December. Many people decorate a Christmas tree or a boat that is more of a greek custom. This night, all the family comes to our home and just has a fun time with people that we may see three times all year. A lot of traditional and delicious food, music, the gifts that we give each other are some of the things we do to have a special moment with people we love.

Although, events like this are important for our cultural identity. First of all, it expresses our cultural identity. For example, if you don’t like traditional Greek food, you are not greek. This means, that some things express our identity. Otherwise, those events are the way to remember our tradition. For instance, nowadays, plenty of people, have replaced the boat with the tree that is not greek custom. As a result, some people have lost the meaning of the traditional greek Christmas.

All things concluded, customs expressed through events and festivals and keeping many people in the greek tradition without losing our cultural identity.

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