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The Vikings

The Vikings were from the Scandinavian countries. Most of them were fishermen and farmers. They also were travellers and they were the first who sailed to North America by long ships twenty-thirty five meters long.
The Vikings wore clothes made by the women with the help of children. They were made from leather or goatskin.
The Vikings, both children and adults played many different games such as board games, toy horse, Kingy bats and Hnefatafi.
They used swords, axes, spears, bows and arrows they used to were helmets, too.
The Vikings’ civilization ended in 1066. `

Paraskevi Β


Covid-19 changed our school system. We do online school lessons because we have to stay safe, stay at home. I have so much fun and I like doing them at home in my room.
All of as have access to the internet for many different things: for downloading music, pictures, wallpapers and doing projects but now we use it to learn more and more during this nightmare.
But I want to go back to my classroom because I missed all of my friends and my teacher!!

About me

Hi! My name is Theodore.
I am eleven years old and I live in Mytilene with my parents and my sister in a big house. My village is Eresos and I go there in the summer with my grandparents and my cousins. My birthday is in June. In my free time, I watch movies, I play video games, I go to the cinema with my friends, go to my best friend’s house and I read books.
My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is spaghetti. My favourite video game is lego races 1 and my favourite animal is baby lion and tigers.
My favourite sport is taekwondo.

My first day in Eresos

Yesterday I did my first swim in the sea. In the morning I woke up and I had my breakfast with my family. After that, I did my English homework and I packed my things. Then my family and I got our car and we went to Eresos. After an hour and 30 minutes, we arrived at Eresos. We went to the beach and had my first swim. At noon we ate lunch and slept. In the afternoon we ate ice-cream and at ten o’clock we went to bed.
I will remember this day in my whole life!!!

The rabbit and the tortoise

One day a rabbit and a tortoise were fighting and decided to do a race to see which was the fastest. The race began and the rabbit arrived at the end of the race. He took a break and slept under a tree. The tortoise continued the race but she was tired. After an hour the tortoise passed the rabbit but the rabbit was asleep. The rabbit woke up but the tortoise finished the race. The tortoise won the race even if it slower than the rabbit. The tortoise was proud because she won a fast animal!


On 10th June 2018, I and my family went on holiday to Santorini. We went first for sightseeing and then we went for dinner. Next day we ate breakfast in the hotel. Then we went for a walk and after an hour there was an earthquake and great disasters occurred. The hotel we stayed in was destroyed and we didn’t know where to stay. After some days, some helicopters came and they saved us. Since then we haven’t been to Santorini again.

Do you know how to play Uno?

Do you know how to play Uno? The answer is yes. But, do you know how to play Uno on the Internet? My sister told me an app named, Uno. As soon as, I installed it, I liked it. Uno (on the Internet) is playing only four players. You can play alone or with teammates. If you win, you get money from losers. Also, Uno app has contests. You can change the colour of the cards, too. My favourite track is “wild weekend” because it hides many surprises. I liked Uno on the Internet and I will never delete it from my phone.

How people can benefit through volunteering and how important it is.

Volunteering is a way that people can offer to the global. There are two essential types that people used our days, the charity work and the virtual volunteering.
One the one hand, we have charity work. In our days, demands on volunteers are growing globally. With this way people have an effective result in the global from the side that doing things like they collect the trash and that help the environment. Also, non-governmental organisations are doing their utmost to campaign and fundraise in order to meet the growing need. Finally, something that matters is that volunteers’ efforts are still worthwhile.
One the other hand, we have virtual volunteering. Nowadays, people are actively searching for volunteering opportunities that they can carry out online. That is a way to offer from the side that time constraints or personal obligations prevent them from providing assistance in person. This did not like much but these small actions can have a significant effect. Moreover, can contribute towards creating a culture of community involvement in the future.
In my opinion, both ways are essential because nit everyone can offer with charity work and also not everyone has the time to do it so virtual volunteering is a way to offer in the global.

A frightening experience

Teo’s story
It was the 28th of July 2018, and my parents and I were on holiday in Andros, Greece. We spent the first day on the beach. When I got back to my room, I was really exhausted, so I ate something and I went to bed early. I had no idea that my first day in Andros was also my last!
Just after midnight, a strange noise woke me up. My room was flooded. My parents swam quickly in my room and we all swam out of the house. Lots of people were swimming in the flooded roads. It was too dangerous!
After a while, the water had dried up. We were trapped on the island because there wasn’t an airport or port anymore. Luckily, helicopters came and took us back to Mytilini. I can’t believe that Andros was destroyed. I feel so lucky that we lived to tell the tale.


Hi Thomas!
How are you?
Do you remember the blog which I had written that I will go to Italy? Well, I went to Italy. It was so cool. I had a great time. I will tell you where we went. First of all, yes, we went by plane. We went to the Colosseum. Believe me, you must go there too. We went to the Vatican, to the castle of angels, and to the Fontana di trevi. Also, we always spoke in English because we were in Italy. It was amazing! You have to go too!

From your best friend

My favourite season!

My favourite season is spring. The flowers bloom and the trees bear fruits like the Cherry tree. The bees collect pollen. The birds come from cold places. In the spring, the day grows up more than the night. We are doing the first baths in the sea. We wear t-shirts and shorts. We do picnics in the country and we walk on the streets. We ride the bicycle and we play with our families. We eat ice creams and drink cold juices. After the spring, the summer is coming and the schools close. I love spring for all these things which it offers.


YouTube is a video repository where you can upload a video. We can upload a video that is private, public, or shareable by a link. Also, we can edit the video. For example, we can add subtitles or creates some effects for the video. I can create my own channel where the others can watch and comment on my videos. I can watch and comment on the other videos too. We can watch films, video clips and we can listen to music. I love YouTube and I really like the inventor of YouTube. As well, YouTube is very useful and I like to use it.