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A Few Words About “Crowdfunding”

Crowdfunding is donation campaigns raised by companies, charities or small businessmen for specific causes, like selling a product, helping the poor or to start-up a company. That is accomplished via the internet (social media, crowdfunding platforms) where a small amount of money is raised by the donations of a large group of people.
A great example of a crowdfunding website is Kickstarter, where anyone can raise a campaign for their project or contribute in another by donating.

Summer in Mytilene

The sun is hot. The sea is like oil. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect their bodies. You can see the castle across the beach and the beautiful blue sea. Also, you can see the boats fish on the sea. The people doing sunbathing. The seagulls fly in the blue sky. The kids are playing with the rocks. We do a lot of sports on the beach. For example volley, rackets, swimming, sailing and others… The Fishermen are going to fish. I love my summer holidays in Mytilene because it doesn’t have a lot of noise and You can taste great food.

Outdoor activities for children.

In the past, children used to play outside and do activities more than today. They were founding ways to play outdoor games instead of being at home. Nowadays, children do not enjoy the benefits of outdoor play because sometimes they can not participate in it or they are not knowing how beneficial are outdoor activities for them.

In my opinion, there are so many benefits of outdoor play for children and the parents should know it. First of all, one of the most important is that outdoor play helps and supports children’s creativity and their social skills because the children try to find a way to create new activities and of course to interact and make new friendships with other kids. Secondly, I believe that outdoor activity helps the children to be more physically active and to break out of their powers. As a result, the kids would feel better day by day, more focused, and calm.

Moreover, in modern life, children have little access to outdoor activities for many reasons. One of them is that parents feel anxious to let their children outside without being there like the past and moreover there is a fear of the risks. As well, nowadays modern children learn to pass their free time in other ways. For example, they prefer to watch television or surf the internet instead of going out because it is their daily routine. So, the impact of technology is huge and parents should set limits.

To sum up, outdoor play can be only beneficial for children when there is safety from parents. The children will feel more confident for themselves, they will be more focused and they will interact with other kids, as a result, to create new friends and for sure to practice their social skills.

The steps for writing a successful essay

Nowadays many people try to learn the English language because it is probably the language that is more useful. So, many of them find writing an essay a difficult part of learning how to write something that needs a specific way. The essay is one of the most important tasks and everybody should find a way to write a successful essay.

In my opinion, there are two ways that you could follow to achieve this goal of a successful essay. First of all, you should take the time to understand the topic and to read it very carefully. If you do that, you will think many ideas to write and you will feel more confident and sure about your ideas because of understanding the main topic of the essay.

Moreover, after reading and understanding the topic you have to make a plan of the main paragraphs and your ideas. For example, you can write a line for the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The plan beforehand will give you a boost to write your glorious ideas and to be more efficient, as a result, to make it a successful essay. This plan will be your guide for an essay and it will help you to remain concentrated.

To sum up, there are a few ways to write and of course to learn how to write an essay correctly but I think that these two ways are the most successful. I personally believe, that you have to get used to writing and day by day you will become more specialised on this. You should have patience, good ideas, and be very careful.

Working from home

Some working environments give you the chance to choose if you want to work from your home or go to the workplace. A lot of people nowadays choose to work from home for some reason. In my opinion, there are many advantages and disadvantages of working from home but you have to know them before you decide to do that.

Fist of all, I will talk about the best advantages of working from your home. For sure, you have more time for yourself and for your family because you do not waste time travelling. For example, maybe your work is one hour far from your home and you spend a lot of time to go there. If you work from home you win time as a result you have more time to do whatever you want. Secondly, one more advantage of working from home is that you are calm and concentrated because you are in your own space and you do not have a stressful working environment. This will help you to be better at your work and to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to working from home. One of these is that it is very difficult to separate your personal life from your work because you do not have a specific program of working and sometimes you may go over your own limits. Furthermore, working from home causes loneliness because you are alone in your home and you do not connect with other people, you do not share your ideas and you do not have face to face interaction with collaborators.

To sum up, there are many advantages but there are also and disadvantages. My personal opinion is that you have to be very careful when you will get this decision. Of course, there are many solutions to working from home or note. The best advance is to do your work right, to love what you do, and to be happy and feel complete.


Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures. Hercules is a Roman hero and god. He was the Roman equivalent of the Greek.

Orestis L.

Alki Zei

Alki Zei was born in Athens in 1923. Her father was born in Andro and her mother in Samo. Alki Zei lived as a kid in Samo with her sister. She studied firstly in private school and she passed away 27 of February 2020.

Mania M.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia in 356. He became king at the age of 20. His father was Philip B and his mother Olympiada. His wife was Roxani. Alexander the Great was a famous king. He did not lose any war and he built cities. Sixteen of them were called Alexandria. He died in 323.

Chris K.

Odysseas Elytis

Odysseas Elytis is one of the best poets in the 1930s. He was born on the 2nd November of 1911 in Heraklion, Greece. The first summers he passed them in Crete, Lesvos and Spetses islands. His family consisted of six children. His father Panagiotis Alepoudellis was born in Panagiouda, Lesvos island. His mother Marry Vrana was from Papados, Lesvos island. He was awarded the national prize in 1960 and also with Nobel in 1979. He died on the 18th March of 1996 (84 years old) in Athens.

Mike M.

Pericles, the inspired Statesman.

Pericles was born in Holargos in 495 BC.
In the early years, he was shy and devoted most of his time to education.
His family was his father Xanthippus and his mother Agariste.
In 461 BC, he became the ultimate statesman in Athens for almost forty years.
Pericles died in Athens in 429 BC, during the First Peloponnesian War, of plague. THE END!!!

Iliana Ch.

Mpoumpoylina Laskarina

Mpoumpoulina was born in 1771 in Instabul. She lived in Spetses, her mum named Skevo. Mpoumpoulina had got 6 children 3 with her first husband and 3 with the second husband. She had got and 8 brothers and sisters. She was famous because she helped in the revolution of 1821. She died in 1825.

Marilia T.