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Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer is one interesting and rewarding job. The designer are well paid. They work indoors and they have good career prospects. Actually, it is a part-time job but sometimes they have a lot of work and do not have time to rest. Fashion designer is one job that usually needs good training and sometimes needs and a degree I think the fashion designer os one of the most interesting jobs and it is an easy job and easy to you do or try that job.


One of the most well known buildings in Athens is the Acropolis. It was built in 447 BC . It  is 14 m tall . It is made of limestone and murble . It has 46 outer columns and 19 inner colomns . Also it is 2,466 years old . The Architect is called  Ictinos Callicrates . About 7,2 million people visit Acropolis each year . It is the landmark of Greece and I have visited the Acropolis and I am proud that I am Greek.


Nowadays, popularity is a well-known issue in schools. Teens try to be popular without thinking of the benefits and the drawbacks that it will have on themselves.

On the one hand, being popular has some advantages. Firstly, you feel more positive as a person. For example, when a teen is popular they listen to good comments about them so they feel happier. Secondly, you have bigger friendship circles. For instance, all the teens know you and as a result, everyone wants to be your friend. Furthermore, you develop your confidence and you make yourselves feel better.

From a crooked angle, popularity also has some disadvantages. First of all, you lose the meaning of close friendships. For instance, for the one point, all the teens know you but you do not have some actual friends to stand by you in a difficult moment. Also, with the idea you want to be like others, you may do things just to show you are cool with the result you might start some bad habits like smoking or drugs.

To conclude, having a big name in school is not necessarily negative. Popularity has benefits and drawbacks and you should learn when is the time to stop trying to be popular before you do something bad to yourselves.

The profession of my dreams


The profession of  my dreams is Phylologist.The Phylologist are well-paid but have to work flexible hours. It is interesting and relaxing.I think that is ideal for me because i like reading and teaching children. I believe that I can become responsible for good education because i have all the abilities: I am gentle,plesant and really love kids.📖



City times

Dear editor

One big problem about education in our times is that a lot of graduates (after they finish high school) will not choose to go to University because the cost of the university and the rent of a house is very high and there are no jobs (because of the unemployment) to do after they take their  degree.

I disagree with this and my opinion is that the university must be free, the rents must be cheaper and there must be more and bigger students’ residents.Also, more job positions must be created and the hirings must not be delayed , so that the graduates will have the motivation to further their studies  to University.

Akis Paschalis-Sampanikos


My building



My building is a big basket ball and it’s name is basketball and the colour is oranges.

Inside there are 5 floors with stadiums basket centers.

My hobby

Doing your favourite hobby is a great way to relax. My hobby is volleyball. It´s a difficult hobby to play. Volleyball needs 6 players for every team. You need practice to learn to play this sport. The rules for this sport are: the ball must pass over the net and touch on the side off opposing, the must not pass the court line. I think, volleyball, is the perfect hobby for me because it´s fast-moving and tiring and i like it. Also, i love the way is played. Can you imagine your life without a hobby?


In my free time I always play computer games. I have been playing computer games from early age . I like playing computer games because every game is different. I like two games. The first game is  ”brawl stars”  . In this game there are eleven modes and a separate mode and there are players who have max brawlers . Sometimes in this game there are big updates and mini updates and these are balance changes . these updates reduce and increase health and the power of the guns. The second game is ”Frag Pro Shooter” . This game has more strategic . You have a team and level up your players . There are four modes . The positions are five: defence, camp, center, wildcard and attack. The purpose is to destroy the bases and unlock the tower of the enemy to destroy it . I spend my free time playing these games because they are a lot fun and endless.


My favourite hobby is dancing i like it because you dance with music.This hobby gives you energy and makes you happy.Its not boring.You dance in front of a mirror,th teacher is in the

middle and the music is very loud.I like it because i used to go and i used to love dancing a lot and for me it is fun.My life without dancing will be a bit boring .

The Windocat

The Windocat is known for how many windows it has. It’s also very tall, 92m tall! It has 19 floors with malls and apartments, two big circular eyes that are windows and one other triangular window. It’s the only building that allows pets inside because it’s a shape of a cat and it has a large petshop in the first floor. It’s a very modern and strong building as it’s made of metal. The architect got her inspiration from her cat. The two feet are apartments and the other one is the mall. The tail is an antenna and the cat ears are the staff only rooms. It was made recently so it’s a new building.

My Hobby

The hobby I like to do in my free time is to watch series in Netflix .Netflix is a page where you can watch a lot of series and movies from all over the world . I like this hobby because it relaxes me and takes me out of everyday life

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