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my favourite building

My favourite building is the shopping center because I buy clothes and I eat tasty food.I’m very sad because Lesvos hasn’t got a shopping  center but when I travel in Athens I visit the shopping center and have fun.I like the shopping center!!!

My Bike

My bike is green, big and beautiful. It has got some small monsters👾 on it, two auxiliary wheels, two big wheels and a little black bell. My helmet is black, grey and orange. I ride my bike in the park and sometimes in my neighborhood. I love riding my bike because I meet a lot of people, I make new friends and I have a lot of fun!!🚲🚲🎈

The beautiful Flamingo

The flamingo is a very beautiful bird. It has pink feathers and a long neck and legs. There are six species of flamingo. The flamingo lives in mudflats and lagoons and feeds on shrimp, snails and algae. Flamingos are social birds and they live in large colonies. They are very graceful and they can dance and on one leg. Wild flamingos live for up to 30 years in age. The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.

My favourite dish

My favourite dish is doughnuts because it has beautiful colours and nice decoration. I make this recipe with my mum and my dad. The ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, milk and flour. First, beat the butter and sugar. After that add the eggs the milk and the flour. Then mix it for two minutes. Cut them in small pieces and fry them for two minutes. Doughnuts are tasty!!!

What I do this summer!

This summer I do a lot of things. First of all, I wake up, I brush my teeth, I’m wearing and then I watch TV. At half-past eight I play the guitar and at 10 o’clock I have breakfast. Then I go to my backyard to play football and other games. After that, I watch TV again and at half-past one I eat my lunch. Then I watch TV until my parents come back. After they eat their lunch, they start to do housework. Finally, we eat dinner, we relax and we go to sleep.

Why have young people’s eating habits become so unbalanced? What could parents and teachers do to ensure young people have healthier diet?

Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of eating disorders like obesity or anorexia nervosa. The question is why are people’s eating habits becoming so unbalanced?  also, another question that parents have is what they can do to ensure young people have healthier diets?

One of the reasons that teen’s eating habits are not balanced is that they care about their appearance a lot. For example, the girls don’t eat a lot because they want to be fit. This has as a result that the girls do not eat as much as they should and suffer from anorexia nervosa. Another reason is that some teens like the taste of food and eating a lot. For instance, many kids like sweets or fast food and eat too much of them, resulting in gaining a lot of weight and making healthy problems like obesity.

Moreover, parents ask doctors what they need to do to ensure young people have healthier diets. Something that they can do is to teach kids to eat all kinds of food. For example, kids need to learn to eat healthy and right from a very young age. This has as a result that the right way of eating has become habits and is more difficult to change it. Also, teachers can help with this. For instance, they can talk to kids about how they can eat healthy with projects or videos with the result that kids learn how to eat healthy in an interesting way.

In conclusion, with a balanced diet and knows the right way to eat healthy, teens can stop suffering from eating disorders.

My favourite place

My favourite building is the shopping centre because I buy clothes, shoes and I eat tasty food. I’m very sad because Lesvos hasn’t got a shopping centre but when I travel to Athens I visit the shopping centre and have fan. I really like the shopping centres!!!

Summer Challenge

summer challenge

Φέτος το καλοκαίρι έχουμε μια καινούργια δραστηριότητα που θα κάνει εσάς να ξεχωρίζεται ακόμη περισσότερο! Summer challenge ξεκινάει στις 15 Ιουνίου και έχει δύο φάσεις, μια στις 15 Ιουλίου και μια στις 30 Αυγούστου. Αν δεν  έχετε ολοκλήρωση το πρώτος μέρος θα έχουμε τη δυνατότητα να καλύψετε το κενό σας. Το μόνο που έχετε να κάνετε είναι να παίξετε με το Gimkit and να κάνετε κάποια Blog post. Θέλετε βοήθεια; Πάρτε μας τηλέφωνο να έρθετε και να το δούμε μαζί!
-Mr Mike

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