Online stores

The last years the number of online stores is increasing rapidly and continuously such as the number of their customers. They have a lot of very important benefits, but they have some drawbacks, too.
The main disadvantages of them are that there are some fraud- stores that never bring the ordered product to you, or even stealing the pin of your credit card (but you can avoid these shops, if you look for them carefully) and that you have not personal contact with some employee in order to explain you about the use and the quality of what that you want to buy.
The main advantages of them are that someone can look for the same product in a lot of online stores comparing its price, the distance of the store from him and the quality of it (of the store) and finally choosing a shop to buy it. Also, you can find some very high sales in a lot of things and ordering sth and the store bring it to your home.
Online shops have developed a lot in the last years (specially in quarantine time). I believe that their benefits are more and most important than their drawbacks.

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