Online School Lessons Are Not That “Cool”

Now that the COVID 19 has spread radically, we don’t go to school and we do online lessons. The teachers, basically, put our homework on a website called “” and occasionally we have lessons by online meetings. I don’t really like them though. I prefer the classic face-to-face lessons. With the online lesson, it’s not always clear whether we have homework to do or whether we’ve already finished the exercises. In addition, when I “raise my hand” using the special button, the teacher doesn’t always see it, because it doesn’t get there in time, so I end up forgotten or the teacher just chooses me to speak without me “raising my hand”, thinking I’m not trying at all. I wish for these hard days, that we’re going through right now, to end,s that I can go back to the real school and be the same old “straight A” student like I was before.

By Eleftheriou P. E.

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