Last months we had to confront a new situation because of Covid-19. The government decided to close all the schools, the universities and the languages schools and called it lock-down. As a result, it was very difficult to acclimatize to online courses.

My personal opinion is that the online learning sessions must be accomplished in this way because in another case we will lose a lot of precious time. To tell the truth, firstly I didn’t like the online courses and I felt very upset and tired of doing that. When the days passed I got used to doing this but I still miss my classmates and my teachers.

Basically, I think that we should be adapted to this situation because we don’t have other option to do. The advantages of online courses are that you have time to participate to your lessons and do not lose your courses because of lock-down but on the other hand, the face to face courses gives you the chance to communicate more and interact with other people. I prefer to do online courses until things get better but I will be happy to go back to my University again.

To sum up, I think that the two types of learning can’t be compared and have benefits and disadvantages. We should learn to get used and this way of learning because it is future learning, but it is beautiful to interact with other people when you want it. At least, we didn’t lose our lessons and we do our courses like always.

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