Oliver Twist

The Author of this book is Charles Dickens

Young orphan Oliver Twist runs away from the cruelty of a workhouse and meets Fagin and his gang of thieves on the streets of London. Jack, one of Fagin’s friends, steals from Mr Brownlow, a kind man who lives in London, and he thinks that Oliver robbed him. After realising he was wrong, he takes care of Oliver and brings him to his house. When Oliver gets better he goes for a walk outside and finds Bill Sikes, a violent man who wants Oliver in prison. He kidnaps him and he takes him to rob a house. Oliver gets caught, but Bill runs away. Miss Maylie, the owner of the house, takes care of Oliver and he learns to read and write. After a while, he gets Mr Brownlow’s address and reunites with him. After Oliver finds out that Miss Mayile is his aunt he gets adopted by Mr Brownlow and they live a happy life.

New Words I learnt are:
cruelty, workhouse, handkerchief
My favourite part of the book is:
when Oliver gets adopted by Mr Brownlow.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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