Nowadays problem

How many problems do you think that exist in our world? They are infinitive problems our world has to deal with these days.  Our world has to deal with climate crisis and clean energy, education for development, environmental and corporate sustainability, global public health, human rights and access to justice, marine conservation, social economic development and wildlife conservation. But the most important problem out Earth has to deal with is a deadly virus called Corona virus or how scientists called it, Covid-19. They are two sides. The first one believes that this virus is true but others don’t.


The first side is people who believe that this situation is real and it is not imaginary. These people are taking care of themselves and their loved ones in order not to get sick and maybe lose their life. They don’t violate the protection rules, they are always wearing their mask, although they can’t breathe well underneath it, they are washing very well their hands, they are using hand sanitizer and the most sovereign is that they are keeping distance from high risk people, although they don’t want to.


In the other hand, we have people who don’t believe that the virus is real. They believe that it is in our mind. Although they want to take care of their family, they don’t observe the rules. They are not wearing a mask, they don’t use hand sanitizer, they don’t wash well their hands and also they don’t keep distance from other people. Sometimes, they make demonstrations in order to convince people that the virus is imaginary.


In my point of view, I think that this deadly virus exists and sadly is taking away innocent lives. I protect myself and my loved ones. I always follow the protection rules in order not to get sick with Covid-19. I fully understand people who don’t believe that the virus is real because I think that they can’t think clearly and take more serious decision.


To sum up, they are two sides about this problem. The only thing that mustn’t change is that we have to follow the protection rules in order to be everyone healthy. After all, who are we without rules?

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