A day at the Pnahellenic Taekwondo competition

     A very important day for me was the Taekwondo Panhellenic competition and even more important, after the meet, we went to celebrate when that night, something unexpected happened.

     That day we had gone to Athens for the Taekwondo Panhellenic Games. It had three rounds in which you had to win two of the three to make it to the finals. Then after winning both rounds, I made it to the final . At that moment I was very nervous and my stress levels were high by my teammates and my coach especially when the moment came when the match was over and I had won more points and won the cup.

At night we all went and ate in a restaurant to celebrate. When we arrived and sat at the table, the waiter came and told us to order, and also told us what was on the menu. We chose what to eat, but while waiting we heard a voice through the kitchen door saying, “mouse” and then, straight away, the staff ran to see what happened.  

    To tell you the truth, we didn’t stick around to see what happened. The whole restaurant stood up and ran out of the door. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I am actually thinking about becoming a vegetarian now!






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