I am writing to express my opinion on social media and i want to say that i agree that social media are important and have a positive effect on our relationships.

People need social media to speak with their friends when they aren’t together for example after school everyone want to chat with his friend and hear his news, what he doing, where is he, with who and od course people arrange to meet up from chat also you can do a video call and don’t just typing.

Nowadays people use social media for lot’s of things like when you need some help with school you type up with your friend and ask to help you, also when you want to speak with a girl that you like you sent her a message on chat and that’s a way to start speaking with her and then arrange to meet up.

Despite those things it is important not to just speak with someone always from chat but to try hang out with him and get to know him better.

So in my opinion social media are positive on relationships and we need them for lot’s of different things

Yours faithfully


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