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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Author: Eric Carle Summary: This book is about a very hungry caterpillar eat lives and things. New Words: tiny, through, felt Favourite part of the

The Thirsty Tree

Author: Valentina Russello Summary: This book is about a thirsty tree that asked a bird to bring it some water to drink. New Words: bring,thirsty,hill

The Little i Who Lost His Dot

Author: Sandie Sonke Summary: This book is about the little i who lost his dot.But the little l brought back the dot and the little

My routine

I get up at seven o’clock and I have breakfast . At eight o’clock I go to school. I have lunch at two o’clock. At

my routine

I get up at seven o’clock and i have breakfast. At eight o’clock i go to school . I have lunch at two o’clock .

My Routine

I get up at seven o’clock and I have breakfast.At eight o’ clock I go to school. I have  lunch at two o’clock. At  five

Acamping trip

Author: Summary: Cody,Elsa and Carlos are going to camping trip.They are pucking things.Torch,mup,raincoat,sleeping bags.They are ready to go. New Words: packing,camping,torch,raincoat,sleeping bag Favourite part of

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Missing suitcase!

I dropped my suitcase on the floor of my hotel room and sighed with relief. Finally, I have found my suitcase. The story starts at


Once upon a time, there were two girls. They lived in a house. The girls’ name were Mary and  Eve. Eve was Mary’s sister!!!!! In

101 Dalmatians (Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called 101 Dalmatians. It’s about Roger Dearly, a man who lives in London with his Dalmatian pet, Pongo. One day, Pongo sets

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Starters, Movers Flyers

My besties

Hi my name is Victoria and today I am going to talk you about my besties, by the way I have two. Her name is

What I do in my free time

Hi! I’m Maritina I want to talk about what I do in my free time I play with my tablet, I read a book, I


Yesterday I woke up at seven in the morning, I ate breakfast and then I brushed my teeth. After a while, I did my English


Author: Rachel Blandon Summary: This book is about a girl that lived in a small village in China, and she liked to help her parents

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My favourite youtuber

my favourite youtuber is Its only skilz real name:George Χronis .the name its only skilz came out of one video game and is very good

My favourite youtuber

My name is Victoria and today Im going to tell you about my favourite youtuber. His name is 2j and he is from Cyprus and

A letter to my bestie

Hi Sophia Im texting you to tell you about my summer holidays. This year we will not go holidays because of covid 19, may the


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Watch Houses of KEDU game video

This year’s game scenario has already kick-off. We are on fire. Way to go people. Find your house on your profile and let’s put in that effort to beat the evil D’motivate.

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