New Neighbours!

Last Saturday, as I was cycling in the garden I saw a family I didn’t know moving to the house next to us. I ran quickly to my parents to tell them about it, and they told me that they were our new neighbours but if they wouldn’t like the house they would move on another. In the evening, I decided to bake a cake with my brother for them. When we finished I took the cake and went next door to meet our new neighbours.

The parents were very friendly and kind – hearted. Then their children. Anna and Thomas were also kind and playful so we became friends immediately. We were all having lots of fun and one day my mum told me that our neighbours would live here permanently. I was very happy but suddenly I heard a voice “Panagiotis wake up! You’re late for school” It was my mum and I realised that it was only a dream. I went in front of my window and I suddenly saw a family I didn’t know enetering the other house next to us. Who knows…

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