Storytime with Miss Irene & Mr Mike: I need my monster

1. Do you know the word 'Imagination'?

Do you know the word 'Imagination'?

Yes!!! 'Φαντασία!'

We have got a big imagination and that what makes us all special!
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2. Draw the word imagination

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3. Listen to the imagination song

4. Book Cover and images

Can you guess what the book is about?

5. Video narration of book

7. Draw your own monster!

Made with Padlet

8. Monster Activity


Extra resources

Words to know

Some funny quotes!

Just a couple of funny quotes:


Ethan“I’m sorry Herbert. It’s nothing personal, but I really need a monster with claws.”

Herbert“Picky, picky…”


Ethan“Excuse me! I don’t mean to be rude, but… is that nail polish on your claws?”

Ralph“Yes, it is. I believe professional monsters should always be well groomed”
Ethan“I’m sorry Ralph, but I need a monster with scary claws”

Something for Valentine's day!!



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