My village

My village is Eressos. It is a beautiful village. It has endless beaches with a small island adorning its crystal clear waters.Αround the beaches there are many taverns where you can enjoy food. A square in the middle of the village is adorned with many cafes where you can drink your coffee while enjoying the sunset and the view of the island. Behind the cafes, there are a lot of tourist shops where you can buy a souvenir. There are places you can go for walking like Vigla where you can enjoy the panoramic view. I love it very must and I think that I am very lucky to have such a beautiful village.

Angela H.

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  • Wow, You’re so lucky Aggeliki! I bet it’s a beautiful place in the summer!!

  • This place is very intesting in the summer.Have big seaside .I know it because is my village

  • Erressos is definitely a beautiful place in summer ..!! Whoever visits this village always come back again & again !! ❤️

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