My village!

My village is Agiasos a small town on the island of Lesvos, North Aegean, Greece. It is located at the foot of mountain Olympos. It is known for its special bright green landscape, its narrow cobbled streets lined by ranks of tiled-roof houses, the traditional architecture and its restless and religious inhabitants. Today it has a great library, a theatre hall, a folklore museum and an active organization which tries to continue the traditions that were passed by the old inhabitants. The best monument that the visitors can see is Panayia of Agiasos. There are many other monuments like The chapel of “Holy Apostles”, the church of the Holy Trinity, the market square, the “Kasteli”, the Folk Art Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum. It’s a world of fantasy!

Panagiotis V.

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  • Agiassos is a very peaceful and scenic village to visit. It is always nice going there with the family.

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