Our Student Mission Entries:

Mission Badge and 5000 K.redit points

My video game mission (1)

Student Video Game Entries:

This mission ended on the 14 March 2021 at 11.59pm.

My Favourite video game mission is here!

Welcome to our fifth Houses of KEDU 2 Mission 5

Mission goal

Do you like video games? If you could make your own video game, what would you call it? 


Our project will be the following:

We want you to design your own video game. 

Show us! We want you to draw the main character or the setting! 


In your blog post please answer the following questions:


      🤖What is your video game called? 

      🎮What type of video game is it? 

      🚨Who is the main game character? 

      🚀How would you play it? 

      🚲Could you play it with other people?


We want you to draw your video game for us?

Here is some useful language to help you.



Entry rules

This mission is open to all members of KEDU English School. To enter, draw your favourite video game and write a summary of your design.

Use the title “Mission: My Video game”.


Tip: To enter, use the form below!

Mission Prizes

This mission is open to all students of KEDU and members who upload their blogpost will automatically receive 500 K.redit points and when they are judged by our judges they will receive a badge and another 5000 K.redit points too!

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