My typical day!

Hi John,
You have been asking me what do I do each day. Ok, I’ll describe to you my typical day. Every day except weekends, I get up very early in the morning. It’s a bugbear! After brushing my teeth I put on my favourite clothes. Eating my breakfast, I start my way to school. I usually walk to school, but when it rains my dad drives me. School lasts for six hours. That’s a bugbear too, but I sympathise with the students of high schools. Their lessons last for seven hours! In the midday, when I return home I have lunch. As you know my mum is a very good cook, so I love her food. Then I do my homework; I have a lot of homework every day. That’s a bugbear too. In the afternoon I drink some juice and I eat popcorn. Some days of the week I have English and French lessons, but when I have free time I usually play board games with my family and I rarely play video games with my brother. After a while, in other words at night I go to bed. That’s my typical day.
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