My trip

It was summer and I was very young but I remember this trip very well.We went by ship to Athens wth my mum.There we got the bus and in the morning we arrived in Albania .

Ater a few days I went to my aunt.When she saw me she was very surprised.We ate lunch and slept because we were very tired.When I woke up I played with my toys and we ate dinner.After I watched cartoons on TV and went to sleep .

Next morning I went with my aunt and I saw she had bought a donkey for me . I hugged her and she helped me get on the donkey . I liked it very much. In the afternoon after lunch we went with my mum, my aunt, and my cousins to a cafe.I drank a cold drink because it was a hoy summer.

I stayed at my aunt’s village two other days and I came back to Greece.I felt both sad and happy. I felt sad because I will see her next year and happy because we stayed together ,played together and slept together. I love my aunt so much!

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