My trip


One day my classmates and I went on a trip  for 5 days without parents . The bus is old and has a broken window where my bestfriends and I sitting. When comes night suddenly start rain so much… We heard a scary noise απο one kid. At the moment I feel one person να με ακουμπαει . I look back staring but nothing … Comes the time I sleep when I put my pojamad I saw one men talking with o ghost I sreamed 💪 and the teachers comes here They questiin me ehat hapened doest belive me… I doest sleep all night but I walk in a bus .  I feel one hand touxh my leg I pain and finish I feel down 🙁  . I wake uo and I see my grandfather που dint alive now. He show me the board and the title was a Lessons life. I Learnt offened onyone I remempwr things say a pwople and pain hurt. At the moment I went hen neighbourhood she do doesnt see me. I run her and I say Im sorry and hang me she hang me too . When I went a bus the window was a make the ghost not now here ειχαν εξαφανιστει. And the night next night I can sleep peaceful:)

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