My ruined party.

Dear Dimitri

That day I threw the party to celebrate my birthday to which I had invited my best friend my friends and cousins. We had a lot of drinks and food and we also had a lot of computers and consoles to play different video games that we would have fun with. But when it was 12 o’clock in the evening when we were still having fun and we had enough trouble, all of a sudden we heard sirines, surprised and scared, we ran to the wall to see what was going on, right now we hear the door call ring and say, “Police Open up!” After we opened them up and they came up with their elevator, we opened the door and they told us it was time for common peace and that the party would have to end or there would be the appropriate sanctions. Then after the police thing happened, the party was over and the kids came home, so the party was ruined. 

From your friend .

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