My PC(computer)

Hey guys

Today I told you about my PC(computer).If you like it like this post!

First I told you about my keyboard.My keyboard has lights on color green,blue,purple,a little pink and red.This keyboard is cool and very good.Now I told you about my mouse.First of all my mouse has lights too but it change every 5 seconds and its Alcatroz mark but for a so good mouse it cost 17 dollars so go by it fast.Also for my mouse I have a mouse pad that cost 5 dollars and it was Havic mark, also it was on medium size.Last I told you about my computer that it was not so good but this can be so good with new cards ROM RAM and others.

If you read that leave a comment bye and thanks for reading.

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  • Your PC sound awesome, Argiri! I bet it is very fast and you can play many games on it too!

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