My meeting speech

Good evening my dear colleaques.We are all here today to discuss some of the most serious problems of our company. To start with, I must say that a lot of our expences are extravagant. For example, the most sustained mistake of us is that we harm our land in order to make our products. So I believe that we have to use recycled stuff to help the enviroment and also to encourage our clients to be more eco-friendly. Secondly, we have to do something about a new cheaper smaller company which is starting to develop so our company is starting to decline. We have to clash them.  So I suggest having an offer so more people can afford them. Also we can make an adverb in order to flourish our company. In the end, I have to remunerate our colleaque for his sustained and always impeccable and we also we have to thank him because he wasn’t dormant when we needed him and helped us every time. Thank you for hearing me. We can continue our meeting now.

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