My ideal job



        For all the people there is a job which suits exactly with them, but not all can find it. For the reason, that they can not perceive that the ideal job is this you really love to to and not out of the need to cover the living expenses.

       As far as I am concerned, my ideal job I think is to be a french teacher. Although I am still quite young to chose it, I am really in love with the french language from the first world which I learned until now that I can speak quite well. Also, I believe that is an interesting job as I will be dealing with children and their training.

       Besides these reasons, this is a well-paid job, it has perks and I won’t work on holidays, something very significant about me. Furthermore, I think that I am qualified for the job as I am hardworking, efficient and most of times good-natured and patient with the others.

       To success this goal, I aim to study and to dedicated entirely on that when the time comes, but of course and now I should study and understand well the lesson. Although in conclusion, we should never be absolute for or with something, because the time passes and we will maybe change our minds…

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