My ideal dream job

Up til now, I don’t have any idea about what is my ideal job, but I firmly believe that I am too young to think of that.

The only thing that I know about this, is that I want something which is related to health. For example a doctor or a nurse. Jobs that are beyond my imagination. One thing is for sure, I cannot even imagine myself applying for jobs like a taxi driver, a flight attendant or a florist.

To become a doctor or a nurse you must read for hours so you can be able to go to university. When you pass to university you have to study many hours and be very careful because, if you don’t learn the material correctly and you make a mistake, first of all, it will cost a humans life and secondly you cannot get your degree. About the hours of that job, I already recognise that is a full-time job and sometimes I will have to work extra hours or there will be an emergency case, but that’s what the job I have chosen includes. Also, I will have a good salary and a really good status in the future.

In conclusion I an sensible, patient and I think I can deal with the conditions of my ideal job. After all, it is my dream job and also my purpose, and I am not going to give up for any reason.


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  • Can’t wait to be your patient!😍😍😍

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