My Hobbies

My favourite hobbies are Fishing, Collecting Paper clips and playing video games.
I always love learning new hobbies but I rather those three hobbies more than other ones. My most favourite hobby is playing video games. The reason why it is my most favourite one is that video games are exciting(especially with friends). Playing video games is also easier than fishing because usually when you want to go fishing, you need to make sure the weather is not gonna be bad because when you are fishing with bad weather you don’t enjoy it. In the other side the weather won’t affect you from playing video games because if it is either raining or sunny, you can still play along until you get bored. Playing video games though can affect you, so it is mostly recommended to play for two or three hours and having a break every hour. The biggest reason why I love playing video games is because I like the games that I play and what they give me. Games that have a whole story concept with chapters usually have talking and dialogues too, so that helped me at learning even more English and also improving them. Some other games that I play are FPS Shooter games although unless the thing that most parents don’t rather those games because of the how violent they are, they can also improve some real-life skills, such as Reaction time, long-range vision(especially when you play a game in which you drop at a huge map and you try to find enemies and kill them they can be far away and you may see them clearly because your vision can improve)etc.

Jim K.

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