My Four-Legged Friend

     For the last 2 years I have been living in Mytilene. I am constantly thinking about getting a dog. So after a long discussion with my parents we finally agreed to get a dog.

We spent a lot of time finding the right breed, we talked with many dog owners but we were always disappointed.

Finally we founda trustworthy owner who had the appropriate dog for us!.

The dog is a male, white with black ears. We will have it in a few days. Its a French Bulldog and we have to find a suitable name for my four-legged friend.

I can’t wait to take it in my arms and give it all my love and affection!!!.

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  • Bravo 👏 Foteini !! I hope you found a name for your new pet ..!! 🤪🥰

    • Αfter so much effort I succeeded. I have a beautiful, smart dog,and I will love him forever!!

      Postscript: His name is DIESEL!! :):):):)

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