My favourite singers

My favourite singers are Marcus and Martinus. They are twins. They was born on 21st February 2002 and they are 18 years old.  They are tall. I really like their music. I love their voices. They also have a sister ,Emma. Emma is 12 years old and she is also a singer. They have more than 30 songs. Some of them are:It’s Christmas time,Love you less,Bae,Dance with you,Elektrisk,First kiss,Fix you,Girls, Go where you go,Heartbeat,Hey you,Invited,Let me go,One flight away,Pocket dial,Wild loveand many other. They live in Norway. Their house is huge. They upload posts on Instagram and Tik Tok daily and on  YouTube monthly. They have many fans. Their fans are MMers. They are happy people and love their fans. They do concerts in summer. They go  all around Europe.

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