My favourite singer

The music is a very nice hobby in my opinion. So everyone who listens to music has his favourite singer. My favourite singer is Pepe Frantik. So Pepe Frantik is raper. He is busy with music for sixteen years. He is at a group that named Above the Hood. This group has six members that are Spine, Long3, Pepe Frantik, Hawk, Smuggler and Sapranove. Pepe Fantik is my favourite singer because his songs talk about sadness, hard job to succeed somebody his target and all this I like so much. Many times he sings with all members of the group but there are many songs that he is only and sings. Also his external appearance is very cool. He has short hair, black eyes and a bird. He got dressed with cool clothes and usually wear jordans. Jordans are a kind of shoes.
This is my description of my favourite singer.
Duke M.

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