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Hi guys, thanks for the support. Today I am gonna talk about my favorite series Hunter X Hunter. A Hunter is someone that travels  the world doing all sorts of dangerous tasks . From capturing criminals to searching lands for any lost treasures. The main character is Gon . Gon is a young boy whose father dissappeared long ago being a Hunter . He believes if he could follow his father’s path he could one day meet him. After becomig 12, Gon leaves his home on a task of entering the Hunter exam. He met Kurapika , Leorio and Killua and became best friends. With there friendship they are trying a dangerous carrer of being a hunter. What’s your favourite series ?

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  • Maria mou sounds like an exciting series !! 🥰🥰 Great effort ..!!❤️

  • Great block post 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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