“My favourite series”

My favourite comedy series is “Don’t start murmuring”. It started in 2013 and it is still on TV. The heroes are four couples. In each episode they have a problem and they try to solve it. The first couple is middle-aged. The second is a very young one, about 25 years old. The third couple is about 40 and they have a student daughter. The fourth one, the woman is around 40  and the man around 55. The both had a marriage in the past, then they got together and had a baby. They were about to marry, then they spilt, but still lire in the same house. They love each other so I guess and I hope they will be together again. The series is full of jokes, nugs but also love. It is so much fun! The actors now are Vladimiros Kyriakidis, Klelia Renesi, Maria Hanou, Spyros Xatziagelakis, Spyros  Tsekouras, Anna Koutsafiki, Eleni Kokkidou, Antyonis Antoniou and Kostantina Linarthatou. The director is Dionisis Ferentinos. Original song by Vasilis Tsitsanis.

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