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My favourite series on Netflix is river dale. In this series, the protagonists are four teenagers Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. But one day one of their classmates disappeared and finally, after a complicated story, a video was found where his father killed him. After one day the police went to arrest him he killed himself. So his wife and his daughter Cheryl continue their lives. Also, Cheryl was a popular and mean girl at her school. After, a long time a dead body was found and finally it turned out that a maniac murderer the black hood wanted revenge for something. He killed 8 people but he wanted to kill all the region River dale. He attacked to Betty and Cheryl. By the way, he made a relationship with Cheryl’s mum. In the end, she killed him cause he couldn’t kill Betty and her friends. He did all that because when he was younger Archie’s, Veronica’s and Jughead’s parents were bullying him. I think that you must watch this series because it’s very interesting.

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  • Sounds very bloody! Still it is nice that it has a happy ending.

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