My favourite serie is the jurassic world .The jurassic world

is one adventureserie the wich have many dinosaurs and four little

kids.Now i will explain the the jurassic world story. At the begining

one boy he play a video game the wich is the jurassic world. That

game is very dyfferent and the boy can not perfect it but once he found

a way to perfect. For this the game he gave him the ticket for the

jurassic world. As soon as he found five more friends.But was found

and those , who will be the guides that will lead them in the camp.then

the guides have a job and they left them for many hours alone then  one dinosaur

he has run away  and eat all the people who lived in the jurassic world.But the kids

survive for six mounths, but one day founds a boat and go their home. That serie is

perfect and have adventures