My favourite season

Summer is the hottest season of all and it is my favourite season. In this season I have my birthday. Summer is a season for relax because the school year begins in September.

In the Summer I play a lot of games with my friends and I swim in the sea. In the Summer I do a daily routine too: I woke up at 10 o’clock. I take my breakfast and watch some television. Then I play board games with my sister. At 2 o’ clock my family and I eat our lunch and sleep. In the afternoon my mother, my sister and I go to swim in the sea. After that we go to see my grandparents. At night I sleep at 11 o’ clock .

This is my daily routine.

I love the summer because the summer I have a lot of free time!!!

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  • Very Good Theodore !! Summer is my favorite season too 🥰

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