My favourite pet

My favourite pet is my dog. Her name is cookie and she is one year old. She is small with black eyes and black fur. She likes licking people and stuff. She is afraid of water and height. Her favourite food is bread, salami and dog food. Her favourite toy is a ball that makes a weird sound. She likes to chase cats and climb on tables. One day my mom made pasta but sadly my dog ate it I laugh too much guess she likes pasta now. I teach her how to sit, give her hand and jump. Sometimes she watches TV. At the summer I told her how to swim and she was doing great. She also has a best friend. Dogs aren’t allowed to eat sweets, onions, popcorn, chips, gum, avocado and many other things. They can only eat rice, carrots, fish, meat, broccoli, hot dogs, watermelon and many other things. We go to the park every day. At her birthday I got her a toy and she loved it. Sometimes she steals my food and I have no idea. She barks when she sees a stranger. When we play she runs really fast. Today she is watching TV and licking herself bye for now.

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  • Perfect! He looks so cute!!!❤👏👏👏
    You should bring him in for Show and tell!!

    • Hi, mister mike cookie is a girl, not a boy. I am not sure if I will take her.

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