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how are you?Today, I’ll present you my favourite musical instrument, the Saxophone.The saxophone is a wind instrument, it belongs to the family of woodwinds because its sound is produced by a reed. It has a mouth with a hole, a conical tube and a key mechanism. The first saxophone was made of wood by the watchmaker Defantenel in Lizier. Τhe person that the saxophone take his name from the Adolphe Sax who invented it in the 19th century. The first Saxophone was made in 1840 by him.There are seven types of saxophone: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass and counter bass.

I have a sopranino saxophone, but it’s in Pelopi(village in North Lesvos).I like saxophone because it takes me a Jazz rhythm.I use my saxophone(when I take it in Mytilene)to fun the children in my neighborhood.Do you like Saxophone?Do you play Saxophone?Do you play another musical instrument?I was Mike M. and I wish you to have a nice day.Bye!!!

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