”SMURFS 2” is my favourite movie, because it’s very funny and it’s an adventure full of suspense. It is an animation movie yet it is very wonderful. The main actors are Dracoumel, Stroumfs, Bad Stroumfs.

In the plot of the movie, Dracoumel always hunts Stroumfs, but this time, in a different and strange way: Together with the bad Stroumfs, he tries to convince Stroumfita that he is her father, and the bad Stroumfs, are her brother and her sister so that she goes and wants to take the other Stroumfs together, but denied them and as soon as they understood that the Stroumfita was in danger, they ran to save her and with success.

This movie has very good animation and I recommend this movie because I am very excited and I believe that if a kid, sees this movie, they will get very excited too!!!

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