My favourite movie

My favourite movie is ”A Christmas Prince”.It is a wonderful, romantic movie. It’s about a young journalist, Amber Moore, who sent to a foreign nation of Aldovia to cover a press conference given by Crown Prince Richard. Amber hopes her work in Aldovia will lead to a big break and goes to the royal family’s palace for a press conference, but the prince doesn’t show up. Amber decides to stumble around the palace and at the same time gets confused with the new American teacher of Emily’s new prince, Martha Anderson. Amber takes over Martha’s identity to investigate rumours of her resignation. So he meets the royal family. Amber is attracted to Richard after learning that he is a compassionate and responsible person. Emily learns the truth about Amber’s identity and the adventure begins…I love this movie very much and I suggest you see it.

Angela H.

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  • The film sounds very interesting!! I will definitely try to see it soon !!

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