My favourite movie

I will write about my favourite movie witch is Tall Girl. Is the BEST movie that I ever seen! Is funny, romantic and cute. The movie talks about a girl, that she’s 16 years old and she’s very very tall. She has a difficult life, at school, she has 2 best friends and a beautiful family. One day at school she was talking with her best friend that she will never find someone to be in her hight, and at the lesson, she was talking with her another best friend for the same thing and the new student walk in class and she like him and her best friend was mad because he like her. It’s very funny because he’s clumsy and he falls all the time. At the end the new student was bad and she rejected him. When she goes home her best friend find her and he says that he likes her. So the movie tell qas something: love doesn’t have borders. You have to see this movie is the BEST!

Maria M.

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