I have many hobbies but my favourite hobby is volleyball.Volleyball is a diffcult sport to play but it helps me to forget my problems and my stress that I have with my lessons.

In volleyball I play in the position of passing the ball.It is a very difficult position beacause you must have a goal and you must be very smart to make perfect moves.Volleyball is playeed with a ball on the volleyball court which consists of 6 players…

I started playing volleyball because my best friend Dimitra told me that she would start and because I was very curious I said that I would try it.It was a very brave move for me because I had never played this sport before.When I went I loved it from the first minute and now I am still playing and I don’t intend to stop it!

I think that is the perfect hobby for me because is exciting and fast-moving sport.I can’t imagine my life without it!


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