My favourite games

My favourite games are Fortnite, Gta V and Rainbow six siege. I love this games because there are war games and very difficult. In Fortnite there are 100 players in a map and your mission is to win the match you jump of the bus and you open your glider to land safely in the ground. Then you have to find weapons to kill other players. If you are 1v1 you have to build and play buildfight. If you win the game you get Victory Royale. If you die you lose the game. In Gta V you are a man or a woman and you have missions. You have a car, bycicle, motorcycle, airplane or a boat. You are in a Mafia and you have your own clubs or casinos. You have and weapons to kill other players. In Rainbow six siege there are 5v5 the defenders and the attackers. The defenders is in a house and they protect a hostage, a bomb or an area and they fortify the room and barricaded. Attackers have 60 seconds to find with a drone the objective. Whwn the 60 seconds finish they go to kill the other team to win. They have to win 3 rounds to get the money to unlock new operators. I like this games and i prefer them to everyone see this blog post.

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