My favourite destination

About a year ago I decided on my summer destination to visit Santorini. I had booked my tickets at least 3 months earlier and I couldn’t wait. One day before my flight I packed my 2 suitcases. I was going with my best friend so I was extremely excited.

When we arrived there it was around 11 o’clock. First, we left our suitcases at the hotel and then we decided to go and dring a glass of fresh lemonade. In the beginning, we had a difficult time trying to find a nice cafe, but after a little while, we found just the one. It was a small corner cafe near the beach. It had delicious goodies and fresh juices.

After we finished our lemonades we decided to go on a donkey ride. He had heard from the next table near the beach they were some donkeys. We had some difficulty getting on the donkey and this made us laugh at each other. We had such a great time riding the donkeys around the narrow cobbled streets of Santorini. It was a unique experience.

That day I had a very good time and I will never forget this day.I think Santorini is my favourite destination.

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