My favourite Christmas

Hello George

I’m texting you because I want to share with you my favourite Christmas. At Christmas Eve I was at home with my mum and my dad. My mum had bought some snacks and she made some sandwiches for us. At ten o’clock was starting a program at the television that some famous singers would sing because of Christmas Eve. So we watched the program by the end. After a few minutes, we decided to play a board game that I had in my room. But at three o’clock we slept. The night was very exciting. In the morning my mum had start cooking while I played online games with my friends, already was twelve and the lunch would be ready in a couple of hours. Then my grandpa and my uncle came. I was really surprised when I saw them. So a few minutes later the music had been starting and all of us laughed and drunk wine and soda. Also, my uncle gave me a present. That was a new phone! I was very happy when I saw the present. Speaking of all this the lunch was ready and we sat down and ate. My mum cooked turkey with potatoes, salad, bread and some other dishes. For dessert we had tiramisu. By the way, tiramisu is the best. So after the food my grandpa and uncle left. At night I saw it with my mum and dad a movie. This Christmas was funny and very enthusiastic. This was the best Christmas that I have ever do. Let me know if you like my Christmas and if you want to send me a message that will describe your Christmas. Bye

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