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I like a lot of artists, but I prefer listening to the music of Michalis Chatzigiannis. He was born in Nicosia on 5th November 1978. He sings, he composes and he writes lyrics. He studied music in the National Music Academy of Cyprus and he graduated from Music Academy of London with piano diploma, guitar degree and higher theoretical courses. Michalis Chatzigiannis released his first personal album with title “Strange celebration”, March of 2000. His next albums, “Secret Kiss” on 2002 and “Adult-oriented Scenes” on 2004, became triple platinum. He sings a lot of good songs, like “Pio Poli”, “Cheria Psila”, “Vale Ena Kafe” and others. The second one is also my favourite song. He recently sang “Eimai Mono Enas Andras”, “Chorevo” and “Min Argeis”.

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  • Bravo Teo mou !! I also enjoy listening to your favorite artist ..!!🥰

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